Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Failure and Self-Love

Have you ever done something, worked really hard, spent a lot of time, or just gave it a small try and just failed? Completely and totally failed?

How'd you feel afterwards? Beaten down? Sad? Angry? Ready to give up and never try that thing again?

That's how I felt when I contaminated a batch of lemon lotion bars with water today. I made the base a while ago and melted it down to add the essential oil and pour into the tubes. It was a great plan! While it was melting I went to the computer to work on new labels for more products. I came back, and found water bubbles in the oil.

Via Adobe Spark

I was so angry at myself. In my head I was beating myself up. Calling myself stupid, an idiot, replaying the whole situation in my head and trying to find ways to fix it. I cried. Because in my mind I had wasted the time I spent working on those sticks, and I deserved the mental tongue lashing.

I don't though. I don't deserve the mental beatings for contaminating lotion bars, screwing up dinner, messing up a test at work, having a messy house, cancelling on a friend, and any other reason I come up with to beat myself up.

Via Adobe Spark

You don't deserve it either. That voice in our heads who's decided it's job is to beat you up for everything you think and do is wrong. You don't have to listen to it.

Failure can be looked at as a lesson from life. I learned a lesson today with my lotion bars, and I will not be doing that again. Every failure or mistake can teach me something. If I remember that when I screw up hopefully the voice in my head won't find any reason to be mean to me.

Maybe someday, when I fail, I will be able to just see that lesson, learn from it, and try again.

But some days, the best thing you can do, is move away from the problem, relax, and come back to it later. That's ok too.


Monday, March 19, 2018

Introducing...Lotion Sticks!

Finally! A new product! Today I am making my new lotion sticks available for sale! I'm really excited about this latest release. It solves some problems I have with my lotion bars. 

The first problem is storing the bars after they have been opened. I keep the bar in the wrapping or a sandwich baggie. Which worked well enough, but it wasn't a great solution.

Another problem was application. Over time, as the bar was used, it became very difficult to hold and often fell out of my hands. The stick version of the lotion bars eliminates this problem completely.

It's the same great lotion as before, just in more convenient packaging.

Check out the new lotion sticks in my Etsy shop. I only have the calming lotion bar available right now, but the lemon lotion bar and other new scents will be available soon!!


P.S. I took all these pictures myself, in a light box I made. They certainly aren't perfect, but they look pretty good for my first time. 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

We're Back!

Blog posts are back!

It's been a crazy time in life lately, but things have been going well.

And really, isn't life just always crazy?

Here are some updates:

Just Add Love, LLC was featured in a subscription box called ChronicAlly. They were such a great team to work with and they have a wonderful mission. They create a monthly subscription box for people with chronic illnesses. As someone with a few of those, I was so happy to be a part of brightening someone's day.

My booth at the holiday market. Can you see new product offerings?
I participated in a local holiday market at Alternatives Federal Credit Union in Ithaca, NY in December. I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet other local handcrafters in the community. My booth was right between two beekeepers selling their honey. I learned so much about the process of keeping bees, processing the honey, and the current challenges facing bees (and the world) at this time.

I've been working on some new products, which will be available on Etsy soon. I promise I will be posting updates in the next few weeks.

On a personal note: we got a puppy! The most adorable little guy on the planet, well at least to me. His name is Sirius Black and he has totally turned our lives upside down and backwards, but we are thoroughly enjoying the experience. He's my little buddy and I have so much fun playing and training with him. Hopefully the cats realize he's not out to eat him or take away their cuddles.

Then and now!
He is growing up so fast. Don't worry, he's ok. The cone will come off soon.
Anyway, those are the important updates. I'll be back soon with some self-love, self-care type of stuff.

What have you all been up to?